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When a sprinkler system is working properly, all seems right in the world. While that’s a pretty bold statement, and we might be a little biased, hear us out.

The most obvious evidence of a well-functioning sprinkler system is healthy grass; among other features, this entails a consistent green color without large patches of brown, dead grass. Of course, there is more to healthy grass than meets the eye. An irrigation system working as intended can also reduce water bill costs, save time, lessen stress, and is better for the environment.

On the flip side, a sprinkler system that isn’t living up to its potential can bring about the exact opposite of the benefits listed above. A poorly functioning system doesn’t just mean losing out on an irrigation system’s advantages, it may also lead to the introduction of a slew of new problems. Simply put, a sprinkler system that needs repairs can become the bane of existence for property owners.

All that to say, our team has been perfecting the craft of repairing sprinkler systems for years. And, as there could be any number of problems negatively affecting a system, we take a holistic approach in identifying and resolving issues.

Throughout the process, we make it a point to provide customers with a positive experience from start to finish. Of course, it would all be for not if we charged a small fortune for our services; that’s why we go to great lengths to provide competitive pricing on every job.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Experience – While we can’t fault sprinkler repair companies that are just getting started (that was us once upon a time), there’s a fairly large chasm between service-based businesses with experience and those without. We approach every job with years of learned knowledge under our belts; we are also continually learning new things as the industry changes and evolves.
  • Workmanship – Water is a rather unforgiving element and can wreak havoc if left unchecked. We fully understand the importance of the work we do and the lasting effects poor workmanship can have on one’s property, financial situation, and mental sanity. As such, we strive to perform every task at the highest degree of skill possible.
  • Comprehensive approach – Spend a few minutes examining a sprinkler system and it’s plain to see that there are several moving parts. This being the case, we take a comprehensive approach to every system we work on to ensure that no issue is missed or overlooked. After all, an underlying problem left unchecked can wreak havoc in the longterm.
  • Customer service It’s of utmost importance to us that our customers are communicated to effectively and kindly. Once on site, we’ll explain exactly what it is we’re seeing so you can make decisions that are best for your home or business.
  • Affordability – We understand that living in Laguna Niguel and nearby cities is expensive and becoming more-so every day. Although there are fixed parts costs our team can’t control, we do our best to offer affordable pricing on what we can control: labor.

Our Services

As it’s been mentioned a few times before, there’s unfortunately a lot that can go wrong with a sprinkler system. With this in mind, Laguna Niguel Sprinkler Repair offers a plethora of sprinkler-related services to handle any system we come across.

Leak Detection

Self explanatory, one of our flagship services is that of detecting leaks. Water leakage from different points of a sprinkler system act as a sort of smoke signal, making it known that there is a clear issue that needs to be taken care of.

However, simply surveying an irrigation system and recognizing where a leak has cropped up is only the first step. Our team is trained in noticing the signs of a water leak, as well as locating a leak that’s occurring underground.

The insight gained during our leak detection assessment makes it possible to take action in the form of the below services.

Sprinkler Head Repair

If asked to visualize a damaged sprinkler system, the image of a broken sprinkler head is probably one that appears in most minds. This is especially true if you have children, because, let’s face it, broken sprinkler heads and children playing outside seem to almost go hand in hand.

For a sprinkler head that’s leaking or over-spraying, we’ll first try to repair the head. If, after our attempts, the sprinkler head still isn’t operating correctly, we’ll move then to installing a replacement head.

If a head is broken or damaged beyond repair, however, we’ll replace it outright. We only source the highest quality replacement parts from trusted manufacturers.

Drip System Repair

Usually more precise than spray irrigation, a drip system can be an effective method of keeping grass healthy. That said, when a drip system begins to leak or becomes clogged, service is necessary shortly thereafter. Waiting too long can cause one problem to lead to another.

Although not as common as their standard sprinkler counterparts, our team has had the opportunity to work on countless drip systems over the years. We are confident in our ability to not only correctly determine the source of any problems, but take the proper action(s) to fully repair the drip system.

Pipe Repair

No matter the context, a broken or damaged pipe is a pretty serious issue. As they pertain to sprinkler systems, leaking pipes can cause any number of problems, such as an increased water bill, soil leaching, or even structural damage.

Our team is very aware of the seriousness that is a broken pipe. We pay close attention to the signs that a pipe needs repairing; a couple signs include uneven ground and strange, unidentifiable noises.

After accurately assessing the situation, we’ll use our industry-leading expertise and get to work on carefully repairing any broken or damaged pipes.

Electrical Parts Repair

Sprinkler systems operate with a combination of electricity and water. While this seems like a recipe for disaster, there’s little to be concerned about when a system is functioning properly. When electrical parts become damaged, though, cause for concern arises.

Sprinklers that aren’t working as intended might have a broken or malfunctioning controller or timer. Moreover, one or more wires may be bad.

Regardless of the problem, Laguna Niguel Sprinkler Repair is fully capable and equipped to handle repairing the electrical components of a sprinkler system.

Valve and Manifold Repair

Sometimes, valve or manifold issues present themselves as obvious water leaks or evident component damage. Other times, though, issues with these parts might look like one sprinkler running when the system is off, or irregular watering patterns.

Our team can provide a full examination of a sprinkler system’s valves, ssolenoid, and manifold assembly as a whole. Whether one or multiple components are leaking, broken, or otherwise, we’ll suss out the root issue(s) and wholly repair or replace any damaged or broken parts.

As always, we never skimp the quality of the replacement parts we use; subpar components can lead to further issues arising in both the short- and long-term future.

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